3D Interiors Design Web Application


Technologies Used:
Client : Three.js(lib over webGL), OOP JavaScript,
JQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
Server : Asp.Net Web Api, C#, Entity framework.
Database: SQL.
The Problem

The client wanted to build the best or biggest 3D design tool for home interiors as a web application.

Their team contacted Byteridge to be their partner in developing the first augmented reality product of this kind in India.

Our Solution

Byteridge provided the right expertise and effort needed to support the client. The team delivered architectural components on the web-app, and supported the development of the core augmented reality engine used in the app, called the Magic room.


The product was delivered in an accelerated time frame, with the full feature set and has rapidly acquired customers. This has resulted in significant interest from investors and partners.

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