Integrated Reporting Dashboard

Large Software Corporate

Technologies Used:
SharePoint 2010, SQL Reporting & Analysis Services,
Excel Reporting & Charting Services, Team Foundation
Server Cubes,.NET & MSSQL
The Problem

The product team were organized into 3 independent disciplines. For product managers to see overall status, each individual discipline team lead needed to manually prepare reports which then needed to be consolidated and sent via email. The manual process required considerable time and effort and frequently suffered from delays, errors and inconsistencies.

Byteridge was asked to develop an integrated, common dashboard utilizing existing data sources and systems.

Our Solution

Byteridge built a connector layer which could connect to any information exposing system / database by leveraging the APIs / DBs exposed by respective systems.

This information was processed by leveraging SQL Reporting, Analysis services, Excel Charting Services & Cubes to create integrated dashboards. Summary and detailed views were provided with links back to the original information sources. Auto mailers were sent to stakeholders at regular milestones.


Integrated Dashboard allowed managers to have real-time view of status of all teams in single location with no dependence on manual report generation/ processing

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