Real-Time Marathon Runner Tracking

Hyderabad Marathon 2010

Technologies Used:
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
The Problem

Hyderabad Marathon organizers wanted to ensure the safety and well-being of all runners during the event. They needed a real-time tracking system that would allow them to visually track the progress of each participant through Hyderabad city.

Byteridge was asked to create a platform for online management and tracking of runners. The system was required to be live for a short duration preceding and during the Marathon.

Our Solution

Byteridge designed and developed a Cloud based solution which would scale dynamically. Wearable electronic chips were given to runners and their locations were monitored through a Runner Chip Tracking Server built on Amazon Elastic Compute cloud.

Byteridge also built a website for race information (dates, locations, schedule, routes and prizes) along with running preparation advice, online registration.


The cloud based solution allowed seamless scaling and availability of the application through the course of the event. Additional functionality for online registrations recommended by Byteridge made it even easier for the event organizers to manage the Marathon

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