SmartMath – Online e-learning platform


Technologies Used:
MVC 5, C#.NET, MongoDB, AngularJS
MathJax, JavaScript, JQuery,
Bootstrap3, CSS2, HTML 5, Ajax
The Problem

Customer is renowned tutor helping kids master skills which help improve STEM skills..

Customer wanted a ground up online portal for providing interactive math’s training to the students and thus teaching them various math’s concepts and tricks to easily solve any math problem. Admin should be able to create different question templates.

Our Solution

Byteridge created a Single Page Application (SPA) online portal which allowed each question template to hold its own sets of rules and logic which will then be used to create a question in the worksheet (question paper) on the fly.

Admin can create worksheets. Each worksheet can be assigned to multiple students to solve on specific date. The questions in the worksheet will have unique questions for each student.


Tutor was now able to reach out to more students, while current students received ability to practice questions beyond what was taught in class. This also saved the tutor significant amount of manual effort and increase the variety of questions which could be offered to the students.

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