SpotCues – Contextual, Local Social Network App

Spotcues, Inc

Technologies Used:
The Problem

SpotCues is a location-based social network that connects people and apps based on a person’s present context. SpotCues creates a local social network that people can join in real-time and interact with others around. It is targeted towards enterprises.

The team reached out Byteridge for iOS expertise and assistance in developing the iOS application, after their in-house team had built server components and Android app.

Our Solution

Byteridge’s iOS engineers were able to very quickly ramp up and understand the product and deliver a well architected app. The app allows access to local social network and relevant apps specific to that location.

Byteridge team transitioned the iOS app development to an inhouse team and provided support as necessary.


Product has been launched recently in the US Market and is received favorable reviews and is gathering user traction.

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